2017 | Programs



Interactive Living Room

Festival Info Stand at Junction Mawtin


Yangon General Hospital

Balloons Doll Installation by Myat Kyawt

National Museum Yangon

Collecting cassette Tapes & Memories


Gallery Day

Yangon Art Route

“ Feast yours eyes on the wealth of wonderful art in Yangon’s galleries. Earn the chance to win some great prizes. Join the fun Gallery Day and discover many of Myanmar’s best artists in their Yangon Galleries.”

You can join this event as Yangon Art Route that is made the announcement on facebook every month.

Love in Cinema

at Waziya Cinema

(Documentary Film, 18 mins , 2016)

Director : Swam Yaung Ni

Cinematography : Tun Tun Maung

Sound and Editor : Soe Moe Aung

Find Cut Editor and Post Production : Myo Min Khin

Produce by FAMU+Wathann Film Institute


“ A story about a man who worked at a cinema for a long time and his memories are deeply rooted in cinema culture, sharing his personal memory and his experiences working under socialist time and military region in Myanmar. ”


Photographer Talk on Cinemas and Demolishing about of Cinemas

By Phillip Jablon

Photo Contest Prize Award

By Myanmar Deitta