La Casa | 2015


La Casa established in Beijing. This project was inspired by everyday life, and was a pioneering curating project based on making exhibitions in peoples’ private homes. With this simple but at that time innovative idea we were able to exhibit art in a more relaxed way than a gallery and to explore the interaction of art and living. Founders | Diana Valarezo | Jose Abad Lorente

Participating Houses

Billy & Jose | Bob Percival | Brooke & Christophe | HMA Andrew Patrick | Pierre Leduc Renaud & Doira | San Lin Tun | Tina May Thwin Oo | Virginia Henderson

We feel that these houses are some of the most interesting architecture in Yangon and are often in a precarious situation, with many in danger of being demolished in the name of development and modernity. The La Casa project pinpoints private houses as part of the city’s living heritage and provides local curators the opportunity to explore art in domestic spaces.

La Casa - Art Projects was first developed in Beijing from 2000 to 2003.  It was an independent and pioneering curating project that blended contemporary art exhibitions in non-conventional spaces such us private homes, hospitals and schools.  La Casa was also a community art project that used art as a tool to represent marginalised communities.

Billy and Jose

“Abadi Art Collection ”

Curated by Jose Abad Lorente

Showcasing international contemporary art

Artists | Diana Valerzo | Jose Abad Lorente | Kollat | Prashast Kachru | Sandeep Biswas | Shivani Aggarwal | Vineet Kumar

The Belmont House

Residence of the British Ambassador HMA Andrew Patrick

Curated by Diana Valarezo, Htein Lin and Jose Abad Lorente.

Artists |Diana Valarezo |Htein Lin | Jose Abad Lorente | Kollat | Mint Thu Rein | Ma Ei | Myat Kyawt | Nan Nan | Ohmmar | Yadana Mynt

Exhibition of contemporary Myanmar and International artists were asked to submit their works according the wall size on which they were to be displayed in the grand colonial house that was once home to the Irrawaddy Shipping company, and presently is the Residence of the British Ambassador in Myanmar.

Bob's House

“Someday This Time Will Be Your Past”

Curated by Ilaria Benini (Flux Kit)

Artists | Wai Mar Nyunt  | Collected post-cards

An exhibition inspired by Bob Percival's collection of Burmese postcards from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, aims to offer the audience a visual journey into the past representation of Myanmar through themes such as love, friendship, traditions and beauty.

Renaud & Doira‘s Casa

“Street Impressions”

Curated by Diana Valarezo and Jose Abad Lorente

Artists | Alex  Mackenzie | Emma Harrison

This exhibition combines photography and painting, and looks to how overseas artist’s impressions of Yangon architecture and its people.

Brooke & Christophe Casa

“Play House” Interactive Exhibition

Curated by Brooke Zobrist

Brooke is looking at how she renovated her new downtown apartment. “Play House” is a two-day interactive exhibition that explores creativity, games and home design

Pierre’s Casa


Curated by Diana Valarezo and Jose Abad Lorente

Pierre’s house caught fire a week before La casa was to take place. Luckily nobody was injured, but the fire did destroy most of the wood ceiling and did considerable damage to the house. The exhibition “FIRE” takes this major incident and uses it as base for an art installation, together with contemporary abstract paintings.

San Lin Tun’s Casa

“C. J. Richard Poems and Inspiration”

Curated by San Lin Tun

Artists | Aye Kyaw | Nay Kyi

An exhibition that displayed San Lin Tun’s collection of old books written in English,  those by poet and author C.J. Richards, together with the artist’s works and book illustrations


Virgina Henderson’ Casa


Curated by Thomas Nada Polleto (Flux Kit)

Screening/Live Performance of one video recorded in Italy, and live comments collected in different countries across Asia. (Ongoing Project).

Tina’s Casa

“China Ware”

Curated by Diana Valarezo, Htein Lin and Jose Abad Lorente, in collaboration with Pe Maung Same

A multimedia live performance by Tina May Thwin Oo, which seeks to recovers her family memories, history and heritage