2015 | Public Art Projects

The festival is on the lookout for new art experiences that bring the city and its history and art together. To this end, festival organizers have designed a platform for experimental art during the event.


MOHINGA | Photograph Diana Valarezo

MOHINGA : Yangon Street Food Narratives & History

Curated by Jose Abad Lorente

This interdisciplinary project explored the relationship between oral history, food, traditions, and teashops. The project participants were exposed to using food as a new concept and source material for making contemporary art.

Public Performance | Photograph | Zarni Phyo

Stories from The Circle Train

Curated and directed by Liam Shea

Public Performance | Yangon Central Railway Station

The performance took place on the platform of various stations around Yangon, including Yangon's main central station, as well as on the train itself.


Photograph | Don Wright


By Aung Myat Htay

This interactive installation was placed between the post office and the British council. It was strategically placed there to get the attention of the young students who visit the British Council during weekdays.

Everyone in Yangon has their own connections between the different places in their daily lives, where they live, work and play.  Their reasons for travel and they way they get their form the stuff of their daily life stories.  My hope is that when a person sees other people’s reasons, they will have more understanding of one another. By connecting the dots of everyone’s experiences, paths, aims and desires, the collective visualization of a network map will appear. No one can predict the ultimate result of collecting these individual experiences.  But if everyone gets involved, a work of art will emerge


Project Coordinator | Maung Maung Aung

Cartoon Artists | Maung Maung Aung | Shwe Win Thar | Soe Thaw Dar | Thiha | Win Maung

The urban installation with five cartoon stories was displayed along the lower block of Pansodan Street, together with sketches and drawing boards from the participating conference ‘ Let’s draft a Green Yangon’.


Photograph | Don Wright

Photograph | Don Wright


Project Coordinator | Htein Lin

Artists | Aung Myat Htay | Htein Lin | Khin Mya Zin | Ma Ei | Myat Kyawt | Nyo Win maung | San Oo | Saw Wai | Yadanar Win

Art Route

Project Coordinator Nathalie Johnston | Produced by Pun Projects

Art Route Guided Tours Project

Project Coordinator | Bob Percival


By Min Thu Rein

Two sculptures with a human shape were placed on the 235 he attention Dagon to Sule Pagoda Station bus line. The aim of these artworks was to get the attention of everyday bus passengers and make impressions about contemporary art in the city.

Sketches were made for the welding technician, to help construct the figures of the standing and sitting bus passengers.  There were many interesting reactions from the bus users – some were afraid, some were playful – the bus driver also really enjoyed the project and how people interacted with it.

The bus also had mechanicals problems and couldn’t go on its the route for a day - the driver felt very sand that the sculpture couldn’t go around as promises, so he decided to extend the stay of the sculptures in the bus for another week, for free.



By Htein Linn


Founders | Diana Valarezo | Jose Abad Lorente